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These boats are further classified of 3 categories depending upon the the strength of their capacity which also determines their size and capacity. A simple two cylinder boat can accommodate 18 persons, a 4 cylinder boat will accommodate 35 passengers  while a 6 cylinder boat can carry up to 45 passengers. While choosing a boat you need to remember that this capacity also includes the crew of the boat which will generally be 3 including a cook and a forest guides. The smaller the boat the more deeper they can venture inside the narrow creeks. 

A launch on the other hand are big marine vehicles bigger in size, more steady in the rough waters and has higher capacity. Downside is of course is that they cannot ply in relatively shallow waters.  


Amenities On A Good Sundarban Houseboat

All of these Sundarban houseboats have basic amenities like life jackets, basic first aid and medicines, modern toilets, a kitchen, dormitory type sleeping arrangements with bed sheets, pillows, blankets, basic utensils and cutlery, etc. They also carry following (payable as per use) purified drinking waters in jars, cooking arrangements like gas and utensils, etc. If you are going for a longer duration safari tour lasting for several days in and booking a Sundarban houseboat then for food rations you need to make out your choice of non perishable items and buy it before the journey from the local markets from where you start the journey. Perishable items like Fish, poultry, etc. you need to buy it from Gosaba, or Pakhiralay where you make your overnight anchor. If you are going for a longer duration tours then you can carry live fishes and poultry which can be used later. Most important is a the cook, which is generally local people men and women who accompany you in the trip. So if you are looking for complex multi cuisine type of of food you will be disappointed. But of course you will get lip smacking Bengali dishes freshly prepared with crunchy fries and a variety of sea food like crabs, prawns, lobsters and many local sea fishes. 

Sundarbans Houseboat Launch Booking Mangrove Forest tour Safari

Sundarban AC Houseboat Booking

Sundarban AC Houseboat Bookings

Guided cruise in houseboats and Launch

Sundarban AC Houseboat, Non AC House Boat Bookings

Cost For Booking of Sundarban Tourist

Houseboat Per Day Basis.

Tourist Boats

2 Cylinder INR 4000/-(Off Season)/ 6000/-(Season).

4 Cylinder INR 5000/-(Off Season)/ 7000/-(Season).

6 Cylinder INR 6000/-(Off Season)/ 8000/-(Season).

Launch Rs 10000/-(Off Season)/ 15000/-(Season).

Sundarban AC Houseboat- Coming Soon.

Note: This is cost of Boat/Launch rental only.

This includes following- Boat/Launch rental, fuel for boat, Water for toilets and washing, 2 manpower(Driver and Helper), Sleeping arrangements, cutlery, utensils, etc.

Extra payable for Sundarban Houseboat booking- Cook, Helper for cook(required for bigger groups), Mineral/purified drinking water, Gas for cooking, all food items groceries, perishable and non-perishable, Jungle Entry permits for boat/launch, person entry charges, guide charges, etc. Remember you need to provide food for the drivers, helper, cook, cooks helper, guides.

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Different types of available to explore Sundarban houseboats.

There are lot of options available in terms of tourist houseboats to explore the Sundarbans. Primarily they are divided into two types a boat and a launch. Launches are big marine vehicle with high powered engines and structurally different from the boats. Launches can accommodate more than 70 person in seating capacity while about 30-35 person can stay overnight comfortably. And there are Sundarban AC Houseboat with us which makes a memorable stay in the world largest Mangrove forests.

Sundarban Houseboat launch Best Tours BookingsForest Jungle Safari House Boat packages from canning Godhkhali best rates price pictures Sundarban AC Houseboat

A Breesze in your air In Sundarbans
Sundarban AC Houseboat Booking
Sundarban Cruise Boat
Sundarbans Houseboat Launch Booking Mangrove Forest tour Safari

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Sundarban AC Houseboat Booking
Sundarban AC Houseboat Booking

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Sundarban Houseboat Best Tours Bookings Forest Jungle Safari

Sundarban AC Houseboat Booking

A Boat has a oval underneath or hull. 

Sundarban AC Houseboat Booking
Sundarbans Houseboat Launch Booking Mangrove Forest tour Safari

Sundarban AC Houseboat Tour Packages Booking Forest tour Safari

Sundarban AC Houseboat Tour Packages Booking Online from Canning Godhkhali

Sundarban AC Houseboat Tour Packages Booking Cruise Tours Packages

Sundarban AC Houseboat Booking

A Launch has a more triangular and deep hull or bottom. 

Sundarban Houseboat Tour Booking- All you need to know?

Sundarbans as you know by now is a delta formation with about 100 islands of which about 53 is marked as Jungle area. The islands are separated from each other by creeks some of which are a meter broad in some places while others are big river formations with the probably biggest being the five river confluence which most of the tours cover. The creeks are filled up during the high tide and dries up during low tide. So to move around in these delta region, one needs to have access to a marine vehicles.

There are two areas of the Sundarban National Park area, one the core area which is strictly no go area for tourist and the other being the buffer areas which are accessible to tourist for animal sightings. There is another part of Sundarbans which are the islands with habitations and have most basic living conditions. These villagers too need boats to travel between islands which are mostly basic mechanized country boats without any coverings or amenities as they are used to cover short distances.

For the tourists however the scene is completely different. Tourists spend most of the day time travelling or "Cruising" in these backwaters from morning till evening visiting different watch towers and narrow creeks, etc. So the tourist boats are equipped with everything and anything you might need. All of these boats have night staying options on the boats. There are bunk beds, kitchens, toilets in the lower deck area and on the top are the lounging area where you spend most of the time viewing the forests and enjoying the cool breeze. There are Sundarban AC Houseboat with all amenities to experience an memorial stay.