Sightseeing & Attractions of Arunachal Pradesh

​Ziro Valley: Home to the Apatani tribe, Ziro Valley is one of the best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. It is renowned for its pine clad mountains which preserve the original culture of the said tribe. Ziro also hosts a internationally famous music festival annually with huge number of domestic and international participants.

Roing: Renowned for ancient archaeological sites like Bhishmakar and Rukmini Nati, Roing is a heavenly place offering various other sites like lakes, valleys and wildlife sanctuaries for exploring too.

Pasighat: Land of Siang and indigenous hanging bridges, Pasighat is a town offering the perfect waterfall flushing out of the green covered Himalaya for the onlookers.

Dirang: This is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Arunachal Pradesh. This high altitude location has pleasant weather all throughout the year. You can also relax at one of the hot water springs located here.

Popular Arunachal & North East Tour Packages

Arunachal Pradesh Tour Packages Trip Itinerary Cost

Arunachal Pradesh Tour Packages Trip Best Places See Holidays

Arunachal Pradesh Tour Packages Trip Best Holidays

People taking a Arunachal Trip generally club their tour with either Meghalaya or Assam. A short Meghalaya and Assam Tour Package generally takes 4 Nights and 5 days. But if you include want to include Kaziranga National Park along with Meghalaya and Assam tour then it is better to make plan at least 7 Night 8 Days. For Assam Trip with Arunachal Pradesh it takes minimum of 8 Nights 9 Days. But if you are adding Kaziranga then it is better for an at least 10 Night 11 Days. But If you are considering a full Arunachal Package Tour with Assam and Meghalaya you need at 13 Days tour Package covering all the attractions.

Arunachal Pradesh Tour Packages Trip Places To See Holidays
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Tawang is the center of tourist attraction of Arunachal Pradesh. 80% of tourists visiting Arunachal is in this circuit. Tawang is best covered in 2 to 3 days but if you are interested in trekking then you can plan a few extra days. 

Attraction 0f Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang, Sela & Bumla Pass​ Tour

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How To Plan Your Trip To Arunachal Pradesh

 Arunachal Pradesh  Tour Packages-Top Best Places to Visit In 2024

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​​​​​​Planning An Arunachal Tour Packages?

Before Planning a Assam Tour Packages or Assam Holidays you should know......Arunachal Pradesh means Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains. The highest peak in the state is Kangto, at 7,060 metres. The state's mountain ranges, in the extreme East of India, are described as "the place where the sun rises" in historical Indian texts and named the Aruna Mountains, which inspired the name of the state. The villages of Dong is the easternmost village in the India receives the first sunlight in all of India. Major rivers of Arunachal Pradesh include the Kameng, Subansiri, Siang(Brahmaputra), Dibang, Lohit and Noa Dihing rivers.

Arunachal Pradesh has among the highest diversity of mammals and birds. Arunachal Pradesh is covered with  tree cover 77% of its land area. Arunachal's forests account for one-third of habitat area within the Himalayan biodiversity hot-spot. Toward the northern border with Tibet, with increasing elevation, come a mixture of Eastern and Northeastern Himalayan subalpine conifer forests followed by Eastern Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows and ultimately rock and ice on the highest peaks. The mountain slopes and hills are covered with alpine, temperate, and subtropical forests of dwarf rhododendron, oak, pine, maple and fir. The state has Mouling and Namdapha national parks.

Tawang the most popular destination of the state receives snowfall every year during December–January and there is also a ski lift in town. If you look for high altitude this is the destination. This picturesque town has several numbers of tourist attractions. The Buddhist monasteries, high altitude passes and some of the scenic lakes are surely picture-worthy. Among the most important places to visit in Tawang is the largest monastery in India and also the Tawang war memorial.

The best time to visit this place is from March to June and September to October. Most of the travel from the plains is on a steep hill road journey, crossing Sela Pass at 4,176 metres (13,701 ft). Bumla, Lumla, Shonga -tser (Madhuri) Lake, PTSO Lake and Zemithang are other attractions near Tawang. The Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary is near Bomdila. The Bomdila pass offers grat views of Kangto and Gorichen Peaks, the highest in the state. GRL Buddhist Monastery, Buddha Park, Guru Rinpoche statue are must visit places. New Bomdila helipad offers a grand view of the whole town. Apple orchards and orchid farms are places of interest for tourists.

Question And Answer- Arunachal Pradesh Tour Package

How To Reach Arunachal Pradesh?

Arunachal Pradesh, located in the northeastern part of India, is a beautiful state known for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and diverse tribal communities. Here are the main transportation options to reach Arunachal Pradesh:

By Air:
Through Guwahati Airport (GAU): Guwahati Airport, also known as Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, is the nearest major airport to Arunachal Pradesh. From Guwahati, you can take a domestic flight to Lilabari Airport (IXI) in Assam, which is the closest airport to Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. Lilabari Airport is well-connected to Guwahati by regular flights operated by various airlines.

By Train:
Arunachal Pradesh does not have its own railway network. The nearest railway station is Harmuti Railway Station (HMY) in Assam, which is about 35 kilometers away from Itanagar. From Harmuti, you can travel to Itanagar by road using taxis or buses. Alternatively, you can travel to other towns in Arunachal Pradesh, such as Naharlagun or Banderdewa, by road from Guwahati or other nearby railway stations.

By Road:
From Guwahati: The most common route to reach Arunachal Pradesh by road is from Guwahati, Assam. You can travel by bus, taxi, or private vehicle from Guwahati to Itanagar or other towns in Arunachal Pradesh. The journey takes approximately 10-12 hours by road, depending on the route and traffic conditions. National Highway 15 (NH-15) is the main highway connecting Guwahati to Itanagar via Banderdewa.
From Tezpur: Another option is to travel from Tezpur, Assam, to Arunachal Pradesh. Tezpur is relatively closer to Arunachal Pradesh compared to Guwahati. You can travel by road from Tezpur to Itanagar or other towns in Arunachal Pradesh, which takes approximately 5-6 hours depending on the route.

By Helicopter:
Helicopter services are also available for reaching certain destinations in Arunachal Pradesh, especially in remote areas with limited road connectivity. Pawan Hans Limited operates helicopter services from Guwahati to Naharlagun and other destinations in Arunachal Pradesh.

What is the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh?

The best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh is during the spring and autumn months (March to May and October to November) when the weather is pleasant, and the landscapes are at their most beautiful. However, each season offers its own unique charm and experiences, so you can plan your visit based on your interests and preferences.​ Spring (March to May) is one of the best times to visit Arunachal Pradesh. The weather during this season is pleasant, with clear skies and moderate temperatures. The rhododendrons and other flowers are in full bloom during spring, adding vibrant colors to the landscapes. It's an excellent time for trekking, hiking, and exploring the lush greenery of the forests. Wildlife sightings are also common during this time.

Autumn is another excellent time to visit Arunachal Pradesh. The weather is pleasant, with clear skies and mild temperatures. The landscapes are still lush from the monsoon rains, making it an ideal time for trekking, sightseeing, and outdoor activities. Autumn is also festival season in Arunachal Pradesh, with various cultural events and celebrations taking place across the state.

Winter is the peak tourist season in Arunachal Pradesh, especially for those seeking adventure sports and wildlife safaris. The weather is cold in higher elevations, and snowfall is common in some areas, creating picturesque landscapes. It's an excellent time for birdwatching, as many migratory birds flock to the region during winter. However, certain regions, particularly in higher altitudes, may experience harsh weather conditions, so it's essential to be prepared with warm clothing.

What are the best Places to stay in Arunachal Pradesh?

Tented Camps in Dirang and Sangti Valley: Dirang and Sangti Valley are picturesque destinations known for their scenic beauty, lush forests, and tranquil atmosphere. Tented camps in these areas provide a rustic yet comfortable experience, allowing you to enjoy nature up close. Examples include Norphel Retreat, Dzongrila Homestay, and Tenzin Ling Guest House.

Tawang, located at a high altitude in western Arunachal Pradesh, is famous for its monasteries, pristine lakes, and snow-capped peaks. Guesthouses in Tawang offer cozy accommodations with basic amenities, making them ideal for budget travelers. 

Bomdila is a charming town known for its scenic vistas, Buddhist monasteries, and apple orchards. Some heritage bungalows in Bomdila offer a glimpse into the colonial era and provide a unique stay experience. 

Namdapha National Park, located in eastern Arunachal Pradesh, is one of the largest protected areas in the region and is renowned for its biodiversity. Forest rest houses and campsites within the park offer accommodations for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Reservations need to be made in advance through the forest department.

These are just a few examples of the diverse accommodation options available in Arunachal Pradesh. Whether you're looking for luxury resorts, budget guesthouses, or immersive homestays, you'll find plenty of choices to suit your preferences while exploring this beautiful northeastern state.