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AccommodationIn Mousuni Island Tour/ Mousuni Island Tent Price

The Island is relatively a new tourist destination and also being in very fragile ecological zone does not have any traditional hotels or resorts. 

There are tents are equipped with Fans and 1 Mobile charging points in all tents.

A Dome Tent accommodates 2 person where as Family Tents can accommodates 4 to 5 person depending on the size of the tent. All tents are with a view of the virgin beaches and open front spaces where you can organize group activity on your own.

Sea View Family Cottages with attached toilets to accommodate 4 person.

Meals and Food

Our charges for accommodation are all inclusive basis. All meals from arrival to departure is included for in the tariff plan depending on type of accommodation (including welcome drinks, food, lodging, common western toilets with 24 hours water supply, a fan in every tent with one charging point, available mineral water and activities like campfire etc); Additional ₹200/- to be paid extra for the next day lunch after checking out (to be paid to the care-taker on-spot discussing with them) and other activities barbecue (Chicken Barbecue), other snacks, etc. at extra charges on prior information).

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WELCOME DRINK –  Coconut water/Cold drinks
LUNCH – Salad, Rice, Dal, Beguni, Seasonal Veg Curry, Chingri Curry, Fish Curry, Chatni, and Papad.
EVENING TEA – Tea & biscuits.
EVENING SNACKS – Puffed rice with Onion Pakora.
DINNER – Rice/Chapati, Dal, Aloo Bhaja , and Chicken Curry
MORNING BED TEA – Tea with biscuits
BREAKFAST – Luchi, Boiled egg, Sabji/Ghugni and Misti

***BBQ Chicken prepared on request ₹ 500/- per kg with salad.
***Extra lunch will be charged ₹ 300/- per head.

Enjoy a outdoor life

​​​​Mousuni Island Tour - The Gangetic Delta island, near the coast of Bay Of Bengal and is 140 kms from Kolkata. The island is a paradise for bird watchers. The Island is a small ​isolated weekend gateway for 1 or 2 days from Kolkata. The Island lies in the confluence of river and the sea. Mousuni forms a part of Gangetic Sundarban delta. The island is full of dense greenery along with small huts of the locals, agricultural farm lands those spread over huge landscapes. Being here you will get mesmerizing effect by the symphony of birds and sound of waves. At sunset Mousuni get covered with thick layers darkness and absolute silence prevails with only the sounds of small insects audible. At dawn wake up call will be the sounds twitter and chirping of numerous birds those inhabit the island. Mousuni offers the sea, sandy beaches, bird watching, sky watching and a adventurous camp stay. From here the nearest local visiting places include “Baliara” which lies at a distance of about 3 kilometer to the north (here the accommodations in tents are available for tourists). On the way to “Baliara” or “SALT” at Mousuni the scenic beauty of the landscapes comprises of agricultural fields of potatoes, chili and tomatoes these are mainly cultivated here at Mousuni. The route to “Baliara” is though the dense thickness of Pine and Juniper trees. As far as our naked eyes can see, “Baliara” is a long silent beach of the Island. During the sunset at “Baliara” along with the deep silence of the beach creates a different ambience at the Island. As Mousuni is a small paradise for birdwatchers, one can visit the nearest “Kakramarir Char” a small piece of land where numerous birds gather every day morning. The silence of the land continuously gets debarred by chirping sounds of numerous birds those visit here every day some of these includes White Billed Sea Eagle, Barn Shallow, Common Myna, Common Kingfisher, Long Billed Stork, Cormorant and many more.

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Mousuni Island Tour From Kolkata | Best Tent Hotel Price Trip Cost Phone Contact Number By Bike Location Map

Mousuni Island tour Tents Camps Price Trip Cost | From Kolkata By Bike | Location Map

Mousuni Island Tour Contact Phone Number | Tents Camps Price Trip Cost

Mousuni Island location Map
Mousuni Island- Location Map
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Mousuni Island Tour By Bike Tent Camp

Camp Address:- Mousuni Adventure Camps, 16 Sawal, Baliara Beach, Mousuni Island, Namkhana, Pin 743357.

Kolkata Office:- 54 Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Barisha, Kolkata 700008.

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Best time for Mousuni Island​ Tour:

Though Mousuni can be visited throughout the year. But is better to avoid the rainy season and the extreme summer because of uncomfortable heat and humidity. Also durng the summers there are Nor'westers or the Kalbaishakhi, which are thunderstroms and sometimes they get nasty. October to April is the best time to witness the Mother Nature because of the pleasant temparature. In these period you might come across migratory birds along with varieties of native birds those inhabit the island.

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Travel Advisory While Visiting Mousumi​​: 

As the island is bio diversity hot spot, it is earnestly requested to everyone that please do not bring unnecessary plastic bags, empty bottle, use and throw non biodegradable like foam plates and glasses or ant sort of hazardous material on the beach or in the sea or anywhere around the island. As it may hugely affect eco system of the island. Also remember that the shops on the island has very basic things to offer. If you fancy items like expensive brands and liquors please carry them with you. Also please respect the local customs and values and unruly actions and indecent dress might offend local sentiments.

How to reach?

Mousuni Island Location Map​: Mousuni can be reached from Kolkata either by public transport like bus or by train with a journey of around 5 hours. From Esplanade bus terminus by bus or by train from Sealdah station Reach up to Namkhana. From Namkhana by toto or by cycle van up to Hatania Datania river. Crossing the river by boat to the other end of the river. From here public transport is available that reache to Durgapur ghat (a journey of around 45 minutes). From Durgapur Kheya Ghat one needs to cross Chinai River by small boat to the other end to reach Bagdanga Ghat of the Island. From here toto or Van will pick you up and take you to your destination.

Alternately you can hire a car or drive your own car/by bike from Kolkata, drive to Namkhana then cross the Hatania-Datania River by newly constructed Bridge over the river and reach Durgapur Kheya Ghat. We have safe parking garages at very nominal rates where you can keep the car, then Cross the river and once reaching the island take local transport which will bring to to our camp. Car Parking per Night is Rs 100/-, River crossing takes Rs 5/- Toto Ride To our camp takes Rs 15/-.