Wildlife Sanctuaries Of Dooars

Dooars was a single jungle probably until humans intervened. It is spread across the Northern Bengal and have one of the biggest density of wildlife population in the world. Now that human settlements have encroached upon this endless forest it is divided into smaller parts called Sanctuaries. The most popular are

Garumara Wildlife Sanctuary

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Neora Valley National Park

Buxa Tiger Reserve

Chilapata Forest

Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Jungle Safaris In Dooars 

Following Sanctuaries are offering Jungle Safaris.

Garumara Wildlife Sanctuary-Elephant & Jeep Safari & an unique Bullock Cart Safari.
Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary-Elephant & Jeep Safari.

Chilapata Forest- Jeep Safari.

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FAQ On Dooars Tour Package

​How much time It takes to cover Dooars?

A Dooars Tour Package is generally planned by tourist depending upon interest of a person. Generally if you are a regular tourist go for a 4 nights 5 days tour. But if you are more inclined to watch wildlife then you need more time there are 7-8 safaris in Dooars and if you enjoy it you need atleast 5 days for safari only. Then there are so many sight seeing places in Dooars with mountains hamlets like Lava, Rishop, etc. that it can take up more time. So it is wise to suggest you call an expert on Dooars Tour Packages at our number to know how to plan a tour.

What is the best train station to arrive at Dooars from Kolkata?

If you are train from Kolkata then either New Mal Junction or Hasimara or New Alipurduar are the best railway station to start a Dooars Tour Package. It works like this you start from New Mal Junction to Garumara then to Jaldapara and then leave from New Alipurduar/Hasimara Station or do the vice versa. If you get down at New Jalpaiguri then you will have to pay around Rs 1500-2000 extra for pickup and drop, each side.

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Planning a Dooars Tour Package?

There are several ways to take a tour of Dooars. The most popular dooars tour package is a 4 nights 5 days tour with 2 nights stay at eastern part namely Lataguri, Murti, Rongo or Paren and 2 nights stay at west dooars staying at either Madarihat, Buxa or Jayanti. This tour covers most of the important places of tourist interests including elephant 7 jeep Jungle safaris and places like Coochbehar, Phuntsholing, Jhalong, Bindu, etc. Additionally you can add a couple of days stay at Rishop, Lava or Jhandi and enjoy the mountains adjacent to Dooars and enjoy the view of the beautiful Mount Kunchenjunga. There are other less popular places to stay in Dooars where you can choose to stay.

Places To Stay In Dooars...

Eastern Dooars

Lataguri- A modern town mostly with resorts and hotels with all amenities for modern survival. The town has developed around tourism and offer all types of accommodations from budget to luxury. A Lataguri Nature interpretation center is in the middle of the town from where you need to get the jungle safari permits.

Murti Riverside- A riverside small settlement just adjacent to river Murti a shallow fast flowing river. Not very crowded with few accommodations mostly luxury resorts with great view of the adjoining forest and the River. You can enjoy a walk in the nearby tea gardens as well.

Suntelakhola- An isolated destination with few accommodations mostly home stays upstream of the Murti River. Here river Murti is a mountain stream with rocks and boulders.

Paren- It a mountain destination with very few home stays but offer great view of both the Dooars valley on the south as well as the majestic mountains of the Himalaya Range in the north.

Rongo- Similar to Paren, just 10 kms is Rongo it is delight to stay here.

​Western Dooars

Madarihat(Hollong)- Is a place along the highway cutting across the Jaldapara National Park. Stay accommodations are available both inside the town or beside the highway. The resorts located near the highways have their boundaries with the Jaldapara National Park and easily connected to Hollong which is the entry point to Jaldapara National park and Elephant and Jeep Safari permits are issued from here. 

Jayanti-Is a on the bank of Jayanti River and offers a glorious view of the Bhutan Mountains across the river. There are few home stays yet feels secluded and isolated after dark.

Buxa- Is Just inside the Buxa tiger reserve with a small settlements with few accommodations but is an isolated and place with the forest on three sides. You can enjoy nature and jungle most from here.

Are u planning for a Dooars tour packages? ​

Dooars is referred to as foothills of Himalayas mountain region constituting Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar and Cooch Behar district of North West Bengal. These are the gateways to the mountain regions of Sikkim Darjeeling Kalimpong and the Kingdom of Bhutan. There are innumerable numbers of rivers and streams flowing from the Himalayas to this Rich alluvial flood plains. Teesta is the major river besides others like Jaldhaka, Murti, Torsa, Geesh, Leesh, Neora, Kalchini, Jayanti and numerous others. Beauty of Dooars lies in the fact that number of dense jungle forest make up the countryside. Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, Chapramari Wildlife Reserve, Garumara National Park, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Neora Valley National Park, Jaldapara National Park, Chilapata forests are located in this region. Number of species of animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, one horned rhinoceros, asiatic elephants, many type of deers, bison, rare birds species and reptiles are found in these jungles. The economy of the region depends upon the three Ts, timber, Tea and tourism. The places of most tourist interest are Jayanti, Bhutanghat, Buxa fort, Gajoldoba, Murti River. Phuntsholing, Samsing Suntalekhola, Jaldhaka, Bindu, Paren, Rongo, Jaldhaka, khoirabari, Totopara, etc. ​Hotel Accommodation in dooars is available near Lataguri, and Madarihat. There are modest accommodations available at Jayanti, Buxa, Paren, etc. which are mostly home stays and provide all modern amenities as well as a exposure to the local culture and food. Most of the tourist who visit Dooars are attracted by the Jungle safaris that are available in the forest. The Garumara National Park offers jeep Safari t0 four watchtowers and a unique Safari in bullock cart. Jaldapara National Park offers both elephant and jeep safaris. Chilapata National Park offers only Jeep Safari. Garumara National Park, Gajoldoba, Samsing. Santelakhola, Bindu Jhalong are on the Western side of Dooars and best covered staying near Lataguri town. whereas khoirbari, Phuntsholing, Buxa, Chilapata, Jayanti are best covered staying near Madarihat. To plan a proper tour you must start journey from Mal Junction end it form New Alipurduar/Hasimara station or vice versa.

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Activities & Sightseeing Places In Dooars Tour Package

Other than the Jungle safari in the National Parks there are other popular activities that can be undertaken when on a trip to Dooars. To start with while approaching Dooars from Siliguri you can take two routes, via Sevoke or via Gajoldoba. Both offer outstanding beautiful scenic beauty on the route. In both cases you need to cross the Teesta river with the Coronation bridge on Sevoke Route while the Gajoldoba Teesta Dam on the other. All along the route in Dooars you will see tea gardens which becomes normal after sometime.

Places To See In Eastern Dooars- Samsing tea Gardens with the mountains in the background is a scenic delight. Murti River at Santelakhola with the rocks and boulder it is included in all itineraries of Dooars Tour. Jhalong & Bindu are places beside Jhalong river, on the otherside is the kingdom of Bhutan. Rishop, Lava, Paren and Rongo offers beautiful view of the dooars valley in the south and the mountains in the northern side.

Places To See In Western Dooars- Phuntsholing is a city of Bhutan where indians are allowed to visit without any permits, Khoyerbari has a tiger and leapord rescue center. Buxa & Jayanti and chilapata are a days tour. Coochbehar Rajbari or palace which is popular among tourist. Totopara is a tribal village. Bhutanghat also a place on Bhutan border offering great scenic beauty.

Dooars Tour Packages

How To Reach Dooars

Dooars is well connected by Road, Rail and Air. The main railway station to reach in Dooars is New Jalpaiguri Railways Station which is connected with almost all major cities in India. Bagdogra Airport is the nearest Airport which is about 10 kms From Siliguri the main town connecting Northeast to rest of India. From Siliguri town, eastern Dooars starts 25 kms away and one of the main attraction of eastern Dooars– Garumara National Park is just 80 kms or two hous drive. Malbazar/New Mal Junction is also an important Railway Station in Dooars where some of the trains originating from Kolkata stops. New Alipurduar/Hasimara/New Coochbehar Stations are in west Dooars where all major trains to and from Guwahati stops.

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