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​Best Meghalaya Tour Packages- Places To See & Stay

Meghalaya Tour Package Tourism Best Places See Holiday Stay

People taking a Meghalaya holidays generally club their tour with either Assam or Arunachal Pradesh. A short Assam and Meghalaya Tour Package generally takes 4 Nights and 5 days. But if you want to include Kaziranga National Park along with Meghalaya and Assam Tour then it is better to make plan for at least 7 Night 8 Days. For Meghalaya Tour Package with Arunachal Pradesh it takes minimum of 8 Nights 9 Days. But if you are adding Kaziranga then it is better for an at least 10 Night 11 Days. But If you are considering a full Meghalaya Tour Package with Arunachal and Assam you need at least 12 Night 13 Days tour Package covering all the attractions.

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Meghalaya Tour Package Tourism Best Places See Holiday Stay

Kshaid Nohsngithiang is popularly known as Seven Sister Falls or Mawsmai Falls, located 1 kilometre south of Mawsmai village in East Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya. 'Kshaid' means Falls in local language. The falls plunges over the top of limestone cliffs of the Hills during the rainy season. The waterfalls get illuminated by the sun and the vibrant colors of the setting sun on the waterfalls makes it beautiful. Cherrapunjee is renowned for 2nd wettest place of earth, after Mawsynram which also situated in Meghalaya. Cherrapunjee is one of popular visited places of Meghalaya and it is famous for its valley views, water falls, caves, root bridges, clouds and rain. In the Sohra area, there are several waterfalls because of the heavy rainfall including Nohkalikai Falls and Dain Thlen Fall.

Meghalaya Tour Package Tourism Best Places See Holiday Stay

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​​​​​​Planning A Meghalaya Tour Package?

Before Planning a Meghalaya Trip Packages you should know......

Meghalaya popularly known as the “Abode of the Clouds". It is one of the beautiful and most visited states of North East India. The state is famous for its valley views, lekes, waterfalls, limestone caves , rains and clouds. Also Meghalaya is the wettest region of world as both of the most wettest places Maysynram and Cherrapunjee is situated here. Meghalaya basically is divided in three parts based on their local tribes. Here 3 main tribe is there. Khasi , Jaintia and Garo. And based on that Meghalaya divided in Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills and Garo Hills. Capital city Shillong is also known as Scotland of East. Besides this is the only state which has lot of natural caves (around 1500 or more). Also World's longest sandstone cave 'Krem Puri' discovered in Meghalaya.

Meghalaya is little explored by Indians as well as foreign tourists, but in recent times interest are slowly growing. Meghalaya has huge number of places of tourist attractions. Numerous waterfalls, some with unlike any other in the country is present here- you might have have heard about Seven Sister Falls or the Elephanta falls, but those are nothing compared to other lesser known ones. You might have read about the double decker root bridge, but these type of bridges are spread across the state. Mawlynnong is considered cleanest village in India as well as Asia. Limestone caves are another attraction of Meghalaya tour packages, with Arwah Cave, Mawsmai Cave being in most turist itinerary, but if you are more inclined to adventure you can think you taking up serious caving excursions lasting 3 days and longer at multiple caves across the state. Dawki is also growing in popularity due to Umgot River passing through the village. The water of the river is absolutely crystal clear and one can easily see the the river bed. Tamabil Border close to Dawki is an active border to connect Bangladesh. Laitlum Grand Canyon is also gaining prominence due to the majestic view of the canyons and the treks. Meghalaya Tourism Packages have lot to offer in terms of places to see and experience. So it is better to consult our local travel experts before you make any Meghalaya Tourism packages. 

Meghalaya Holiday Packages-Top Best Places to Visit In 2024

Seven Sister Falls

Popular Meghalaya & North East India Tour Packages

Shnongpdeng Village is located in Jaintia Hills near Dawki in the state of Meghalaya. Umgot River passing through the village. This place is famous for crystal clear water. The water of the river is absolutely crystal clear and one can easily see the the river bed. Dawki is around 95 KM and from capital city Shillong.  Shnongpdeng is upcoming offbeat destination of Meghalaya. But compared to Dawkie this place is calm, quite and more enjoyable for tourists. From the suspension bridge one can get a clear view of under water. Here many types of activities can be done like Boating, Kayaking, Snorkelling, Zip lining, camping, fishing etc.

​Question & Answer-Meghalaya Tour Package

Which is the best month to visit Meghalaya?

Meghalaya can be visited throughout the year due to its pleasant weather and great road connectivity. But Monsoons bring the best visual delights of the state. But due to fog  chances are views of the valleys might get obstructed. However you can visit the state throughout the year and enjoy your Meghalaya Tour Package.

Is Meghalaya safe for tourists?

Meghalaya is one of the safest places in India. Women are empowered in Meghalaya and most business are run by women making Meghalaya a state where even solo female traveler will feel safe. Police force is helpful towards the tourists in general.

How many days are enough for Meghalaya?

4-5 days at the bare minimum to enjoy the beauty of Meghalaya. Only Meghalaya not including Kaziranga or Arunachal. But if you are really interested to explore the beauty of Meghalaya tour packages, with the beauty it has to offer you can easily spend a week to 10 days exploring the unknown hidden treasures of Meghalaya.

What is Meghalaya famous for? Why Meghalaya is called Scotland of the East?

Meghalaya (means Abode of Clouds in Sanskrit) is famous for its high rainfall, subtropical forests and biodiversity, beautiful rivers, huge no of waterfalls, rolling hills, a very well accepting culture and hospitable people. The rolling hills with little vegetation at higher altitudes reminded the British of Scotland so referred to it as the "Scotland of the East".

Do we need permit to visit Meghalaya?

No you do not need any permits to enter Meghalaya. Your normal id like Adhaar Card, Voter Card, Driving license, etc is sufficient. No Special permits are required to enjoy Meghalaya tour packages.

How to reach Reach Meghalaya?

By Air: Shillong can be from any part of India by flight via Guwahati Airport. Guwahati airport is well connected by direct flights from Kolkata and Delhi and connecting flights from all other airports in Inda. Shillong also has a airport which is 34 kn from town but connected to Kolkata with very few flights.

By Train: Meghalaya does not have any train connectivity. To reach Meghalaya, specifically Shillong the capital the nearest rail head is Guwahati Station which is connected to all major cities in India. From Guwahati, Shillong is about 100 Kms away.

By Road: Even by road Meghalaya can only be approached via Guwahati.

What are the most popular places to visit in Meghalaya?

1. Cherrapunji: A place where you will find rainfall for almost the entire part of the year. Being a wet place it is full of greenery and many attractions that are worldwide famous including Dain-Thlen, Kynrem, and Nohkalikai waterfalls. It is a perfect setup for family outings.

2. Elephant Falls: Most famous waterfall of Meghalaya which is located nearby Shillong Peak. Because of the huge rock formations this waterfall was named as Elephant fall. It is widely famous as “Three steps waterfall”.

3. Shillong Peak: With an altitude of about 6548 feet, the Shillong Peak offers a spectacular view of Shillong amidst the beauty of nature. Solace and privacy will give you intimate moments with your partner.

4. Walk on the living root bridges: Located in the quaint Nongriat village, this living root bridge is about 3 km long and is at an altitude of about 2400 feet. Part of the Meghalaya Tour Packages, this bridge will leave you wondering how nature could be aiding us if humans were a little kind.

5. View the Seven Sister Falls: The magnificent view of the water falling from an altitude of 315 meters is a marvelous sight to see.

6. Explore the Mawsmai Cave: Built out of limestone, this cave is a perfect spot to satisfy the explorer within you. Get your partner to join, and you can have some beautiful memories with ease.

7. Laitlum Canyon: Located on the East Khasi Hills, this tiny piece of landscape equates a paradise for the nature lovers. It also has a stairway of about 3000 steps that will provide a boost of adrenaline to the adventure junkies.  

8. Dawki: The presence of the Umngot River has made this small city gain massive popularity. Included in the Meghalaya Tour Packages, Dawki boasts of the clear water of the Umngot River, and the Dawki Bridge shrouded with the ethereal beauty of nature.

Meghalaya Tour Package

Meghalaya Tour Package Tourism popular Attraction Shillong

Meghalaya Tour Package Tourism shillong cherrapunji dawki

Meghalaya Tour Package Tourism Best Places See Holiday Stay

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Meghalaya​​​ Shillong And Its Tourist Attractions

For Meghalaya tour you need to reach the romantic city of Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, Shillong is at an altitude of 1,520 meters (4,990 feet) above sea level. Shillong is at distance of 104 km from Guwahati, 295 km from Kaziranga. Christmas, Easter, Good Friday and the New Year Day celebrations are the most important. Ka Pomblang Nongkrem, or the Nongkrem dance, Shad Sukmynsiem, Behdiengkhlam, Wangala are important local festivals. Shillong is blessed with a pleasant climate all throughout the year and thus it can be visited all around the year. The months of March and April temperatures ranging between 24°C to and 15°C. The time is ideal for sightseeing and other activities. Rainfall in the months from June to September ranges from average to heavy. The rains stop in October and the weather starts to become cold.

​The Crinoline Falls, The Gunner's Falls 1, The Gunner's Falls 2, Spread Eagle Falls or Sati Falls, The Sweet Falls, The Elephant Gait and the Elephant Falls, The Beadon Falls, The Bishop Falls are in or near Shillong. The Ward Lake, The State Museum, The Botanical Garden, Golf Course, called the Gleneagles of the East, Lady Hydari Park, Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians, Grotto Church, All Saints Church is an attractive structure made out of wood. Shillong Peak, the highest point of Shillong, is located 5 km to the south of the city and is 1961 meters (6,433 feet) in altitude. Being the highest peak in the district, it is often surrounded with fog.  The peak is accessible via the Upper Shillong or Jowai Road. There is an air force museum near Shillong Peak. Shillong is also the base town to explore and plan a proper Meghalaya Tour Package.