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Sundarban Wild Camp & Nature Experience Center- Jungle Resort Near Kolkata

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Jungle Resort Near Kolkata Best Safaris And Activities Stay Near The Forest Village

Jungle Resort Near Kolkata Best Safaris And Activities Stay Near The Forest No 1 Top luxury

Jungle Resort Near Kolkata Best Safaris And Activities

Sunderban with restaurants

About Sundarban Wild Camp & Nature Experience Resort

Jungle Resort Near Kolkata
Jungle Resort Near Kolkata
Jungle Resort Near Kolkata

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Jungle Resort Near Kolkata

Q & A About Resorts Near Sundarban National Park

How To Reach Our Jungle Resort Near Kolkata

From Kolkata Fist you need to reach Godhkhali Ferry Ghat which is about 100 Kms. It can be covered by Self Driven/hired Cars. From Goodhkhali there are 2 options to reach our Cottage in Sundarban. 

Option 1- You can hire a reserved boat and reach directly to our resort. Ask them to drop you at Satjhelia, Dayapur Island.

Option 2- From Godhkhali cross the river by ferry to reach Gosaba Island. Here you will get transportation for Pakhiralay Ferry Ghat. From ferry ghat take a boat to reach our hotels in Sundarban.

Resort Address:

Sundarban Wild Camp & Wild Experience Resort.

Village: Satjhelia, Dayapur Island.

Gosaba Block. Sundarbans.

We have artificially build bird houses in our resort. Being one if the best resort Sundarban it is scattered over 8 hectares of land. In time our resort is a major attraction for  bird watchers as we have many species as your company. We have a large water pond where you can enjoy fishing or angling and even enjoy boating in inflatable boat.

Our resort is build with mostly naturally available resources like bamboos and straws which does not pollute the already fragile environments, making it one of the best hotels in Sundarbans. Rooms are Double bed rooms with option of A/C & Non A/C options with western type toilets and hot water facilities. You can enjoy the balcony in front of your rooms just sitting idle and watching nature and birds a full day. We have fully functional kitchen and restaurant to serve freshly made on demand but subject to availability of  raw materials at the resort or you need time for us to get them from nearby markets. This is not available in many other islands here. Our Resort is connected with direct electricity from from the government grid. We also have generator backups of different capacities.

Q: How far is our Hotels in Sundarban from Kolkata?

A: Our Resort in Sundarban is in Dayapur Island which is roughly about 130 Kms from Kolkata. You need to reach Godhkhali which is the last point in mainland India and access able by road. Then you need to cross the river by ferry and take inland transportation to reach Tiger Ghat at Pakhiralay and again take a boat and reach our resort or hotel In Sundarban. Alternatively you can hire a boat from Godhkhali to reach our hotel in Sundarbans. 

Q: What are facilities of our resorts in Sunderbans?

A: In Our Resort in Sundarban other than accommodation which offers all modern facilities, hot and cold water, restaurant, room services, etc. We ae considered one of the best hotels in Sundarban due to its remote village ambience and nature.

Q: What are the activities to undertake from our resort in Sundarbans?

A: Activities which can be undertaken from hotels in Sundarban are:

1. A evening Sajnekhali Tiger Project, bird sanctuary and sunset cruise lasting 3 hours.

2. A day boat cruise safari to Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali and Do Banki watchtower lasting from 7.30 am till 5pm with lunch included on cruise.

3. You can also take a cruise safari to Nethidhopani, Bonnie Camp and/or Kalas Island.

4. Take a guided village visit to understand and feel the beauty of the village life and the un spoilt nature. 

Q: Can you stay in resorts in Sundarbans without undertaking forest safari?

A: Yes you can stay here and enjoy the villages and nature as long as you want. There is no obligation to take any safaris or activity unless you prefer to do so.

Q: Do our forest resort near Kolkata have a restaurant?

A: Yes we have have a restaurant at our resort in Sundarban but it serves preordered food on Thali basis and few Chinese dishes, but most basic food and beverages are also available.

About our Accommodations

All our Cottage in Sundarban have two separate units of rooms with all modern amenities and a verandah with a infinite view of the vast expanses of green paddy fields and waterbodies.

Jungle Resort Near Kolkata

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Jungle Resort Near Kolkata

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Jungle Resort Near Kolkata
Jungle Resort Near Kolkata

Facilities Available

Camp Fire With Chicken Bar B Que

Village Visit Guided Tour

Jungle Safari Single Day

Jungle Safari Multiple Days

A/C, Non A/C Stay

Tribal Dance Program​

Guided Boat Safari

Kolkata To Kolkata Pickup and Drop

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Jungle Resort Near Kolkata
Jungle Resort Near Kolkata

The Best Resorts In Sundarbans To Experience Nature
Sundarban Wild Nature Experience Camp is a resort build in the nearest proximity of Sundarban National Park and is located at Dayapur Village, Satjhelia Island. It is considered one of the best hotels in Sundarban due to the rustic village ambience and proximity to nature. The vast expanses surrounded by vast paddy fields provides a feeling of being isolated in the lap of nature. Our resort in Sundarban is located opposite the Sajnekhali watch tower and Tiger project which is in main entrance to the Sundarban National Park. For its close proximity to the main area of the national park. Our hotel in Sundarbans is in the hot spot of the tourism hub yet a bit secluded so that you can enjoy the nature at the best. Surrounded with paddy fields and water bodies, the resort provides the guests with a feel of a stay at a village settings with all modern facilities attached.

Jungle Resort Near Kolkata