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JHARKHALI, is a small village settlement in South 24 Parganas District in West Bengal. It is the connected directly by road from near Canning, the last rail head, & Kolkata which is the nearest airport. Jharkhali is the last inhabited place before the great mangrove forests of Sundarban Delta, famous for royal bengal tigers. Other than the tigers the Sundarbans are also home for Fishing cats, macaques, wild boars, common grey mongooses, foxes, jungle cats, flying foxes, pangolins, Crocodiles and spotted deer are also found in abundance in the Sundarbans. 

How to Reach Jharkhali: Jharkhali is 98 kms from Kolkata by road, and 45 Kms from Canning. One can take a cab from Kolkata and reach there in around 3.5 kms, whereas it takes a little more than 1.5 Hours. Or you can join our tour with transportation by luxury cars or Buses depending upon the strength of your group.

Jharkhali Attractions: Jharkhali has a Tiger Rescue Center which is a major attraction for tourist who visit there for day picnic or longer stay durations. The rescue center are refuge for tigers which come to the inhabited villages for domesticated animals and sometimes attack humans. These tigers are either injured or due to old age cannot hunt in the wild. These are caught and kept in confined cages for treatments, and if found fit are returned to the jungle. At present there are 3 tigers at the rescue center of which 2 are on display in addition to number of crocodiles that are also kept there. The government intends to create a deer park for the visitors for which the work is in full swing.

Jharkhali villages and nearby has lot of mud houses which houses local people with thatched roofs, you can see country boats being made in the village and also experience the green expanses and paddy fields.

Nethidhopani is the only watchtower inside the Core Area of the forests where tourists are allowed. But on any given day only few boats are allowed inside the core area. The charges for entry permits are double of what it is to visit the other watch towers. The journey to this watch tower is little scary going through very narrow creeks and with very few boat traffic.

Legends have it that Behula (Refer to Chand Saudagar), while accompanying her dead husband Lakhinder on his last journey on the boat, was passing the bank of what is now called Netidhopani, saw an interesting thing. A woman was washing clothes and a child was continually disturbing her. Annoyed, she sprinkled some water on the boy. The boy became lifeless. The woman finished her laundry and then again sprinkled some water on the boy, chanting some mantras, to bring him back to life. Behula decided this was the person who could bring her husband back to life. She rowed the boat to the bank and asked the lady (Netidhopani) to teach her the verses. In fact, Behula reached heaven from this Ghat. Today this watchtower offers one a view of the ruins of a 400-year-old Shiva Temple. It is also believed that there is a road on the extreme right of the forest which was built by King Pratapaditya to guard the coastal area. There is also a sweet water pond made by forest department to attract animals.


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Popular watch Towers That Can Be Visited From Jharkhali

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Day Wise Places Covered From Jharkhali

Day 1 Jharkhali Watch Tower & Tiger Rescue Center, Village Visit & Balir Char.

Day 2 Sajnekhali Tiger Project, Crocodile Project, Watch Tower, Mangrove Interpretation Center, Narrow Creeks of Pirkhali, Gazikhali, Bali Isand, Deul Bharani, Sudhanyakhali Watchtower and sweet water pond, Dobanki Watchtower & Dobanki Canopy Walk, 5 River Confluence.

Day 3 Nethidhopani Watchtower & UNESCO Heritage Site 500 Yrs old temple and other Creeks inside Core Area.

Day 4 Boney Camp & Kalash Island.

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Sajnekhali Watch Tower is most popular watch towers in the park. The reason behind its popularity is its close proximity to a number of resorts in the Sunderban area. A tourist can obtain the permission to enter the national park from this spot only. The watch tower can accommodate 20 people at a time. The major attractions in this region are Bono Bini Temple, Mangrove Interpretation Center and turtle project. This watch tower you can see avifauna species such as Pelican, Kingfishers, Plovers, Lap Wings, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Whimbrel, Curfews, and Sandpipers.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower:  Most of the tigers are sighted from this tower. Some other wildlife like deers, wild boars and crocodiles are commonly seen from this watch tower. There is a sweet water pond where animals come to drink water. Behind the pond are stretches of land devoid of any vegetation where one can sight animals in the clearings.

Dobanki watchtower also has a Canopy Walk. This canopy walk is about 500-metre-long and at a height of about 20 ft from the ground. There is also a sweet water pond and Chital deers as well as Brahmini Kites are very often sighted here apart from the tigers. The jungle here is very dense near this watch tower and tiger attacks happen here when local fishermen or honey collecters enter these jungles.

Details About The Sundarban National Park

Kalash Island, is a part of Sundarbans that lies at the tributaries of the River Matla. Visitors with armed guards are permitted to get down on the beach. During winters, it is the breeding ground of the Olive Ridley Turtles that arrive in great numbers on this beach for nesting. Kalash Island is also the home to many varieties of coastal birds and is specially a good place to spot uncommon waders. The Great Stone-curlew or Great Thick-knee is sighted on the beach. Access by boat to this beautiful beach is usually from the Forest Department's Kalash Camp. A visit to Kalash Island combines the Sundarbans experience with bird-watching. There is no staying option at this camp, however, a day excursion can be done in a 1 Night 2 Days Trip.
Bonnie Camp, is one of the most beautiful watchtowers in the Sundarbans. This watchtower, 50 feet high, is the highest watch tower in the Sundarbans. There is a sweet-water pond where the wildlife of Sundarbans frequent throughout the day. The ambience being fabulous and one gets the feeling of desolate island when one spends the night at Bonnie camp. In fact, on a moonlit night, the view of the jungle from the watchtower crisscrossed with rivulets and creeks all around is a treat for the eyes. There is a tourist accommodation at Bonnie camp for overnight stay. But there is no electricity but only solar lights. 

Kalash & Bonnie Camp


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